UNEETO Cashmere is fruit of a different concept of knitwear and the desire of its founders to create a style without boundaries. High-quality items made only with the finest yarn, a vast selection of colours, a fresh and ever-renewed style, all within anyone’s reach. Freedom of choice, thus, is the central theme of our brand..

UNEETO is a young brand, but our factory exists since 1997 and produces cashmere knitwear for well-known international labels and department stores. We produce through a vertically integrated manufacturing system, from yarn to finished sweater, allowing us to carefully follow each stage of production of our items. It’s thanks to this system that we can guarantee an ever-updated palette of colours, impeccable quality control, and a wide choice of styles.

A careful selection of yarn and extreme attention to detail to create a refined and luxurious style that is nevertheless in everyone’s reach: this is what UNEETO Cashmere aims to offer to meet your every expectation.